What is ASP.Net, Diffrence Bw ASP and ASP.Net

ASP.Net:- The ASP.Net is a Microsoft's Technology to design and developed the complex enterprise web applications and secure Web Applications. It is a server side technology to build the dynamic web applications for internet. You can develop ASP.Net applications with several languages leik VB, C#, F# etc. This technology is popular for its simplicity and pre built controls for design a web page. The Microsoft's Visual Studio is a most popular  IDE to design and develop the web applications into ASP.Net. It is provide the drag and drop facility for controls into a web pages, with the help of visual studio you can design and customize your web pages easy and quickly. With the help of ASP.Net you can have the power of pre built controls like gridview to show the records easily and you can edit, update and delete your records in gridview instantly, you can display lacks of records without making any table with the help of gridview. There are several number of controls like gridview provided by the ASP.Net which are very easy of use.

Difference Between asp.net and asp:-

1. Asp.Net is compiled the code first and then interpret is but the ASP was interpreted.
2. ASP.Net is Fast because of JIT compiler and not all code compile first time. With JIT whenever a code need to compiled the compiler compile it just in time, but in ASP this feature was not available.
3. You can separate your HTML and logic code into ASP.Net by using code behind files but in ASP this facility was not available and you should embed your ASP code with HTML.
4. ASP.Net is pure object oriented technology but ASP was a partially object oriented technology.
5. ASP.Net provide the in built XML support whereas ASP was not.
6. ASP.Net could be run on None Microsoft Web Servers like apache servers but ASP was not.
7. ASP.Net supports more languages to developed the web applications but the ASP was support only VB and C#.
8. The ASP.Net save the view state of a page controls for future use of its value but ASP was not has this technique.

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