JavaScript Tutorials

JavaScript:- JavaScript is an Object Based Client side scripting language which is used to apply the client side validations on web forms. It is a widely used language for web applications to apply form validations on entered data from the user. JavaScript has the power of doing anything on web browser and most of the browsers support JavaScript. It is a simple language which has the simplest syntax to use it. The all syntax of conditions, looping, switch case etc are similar to the C language and it is quite similar to the Java programming language.

Advantages of JavaScript:-

1. It is used to apply client side validations on web pages.
2. It provide the list of predefined objects which are easy to use and easy to learn.
3. JavaScript can be used to make the  web applications like calculators, games etc.
4. JavaScript is very popular for its browser support most of the browsers support JavaScript.
5. It is also used to make Asynchronous request to the server with XML, this technique is called AJAX.
6. The popular JQuery is also a JavaScript library to design the interactive web pages.
7. It can be used to design web pages dynamically.

1. Taking input from keyboard in JavaScript
2. Add two numbers with javascript

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