What is JSP, JSP intruduction, What are Java Server Pages

What is JSP, JSP intruduction, What are Java Server Pages

Java Server Pages is a Java Technology to design & Develop Dynamic web pages, It is a server side programming language which have the all facility of Java programming language like platform independence, Multi-Threading, JDBC Connectivity and all the java API's for creating the web based enterprise applications.

  1. The JSP can be easily embed with HTML and we can easily write the Java Code between the HTML code through the predefined JSP tags like Scriptlets, Declaration Tags etc,
  2. The JSP provides the predefined implicit objects to work with the Java Classes like out ,session, application, request, response etc.
  3. The JSP is the extension of Java Sevlet.
  4. The JSP always compile to the Java Servlet code and then the converted servlet class will execute.
  5. The JSP is simple and easy to work with the Dynamic web pages.
Advantages of JSP
  1. JSP can be easily embed with HTML.
  2. It is very similar to HTML because each and every work is done with the help of Tags in JSP.
  3. JSP supports almost all web servers and all operating systems.
  4. JSP is purely Java Code so the security always be there.

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