Use of Python - Python's Area - Companies using Python

Use of Python - Python's Area - Companies using Python
Python has a large user base and a very active developer community.
Because Python is 19 years old language, it is also very stable and robust, and portable language. Besides being employed by individual users.
The list of companies which are using Python in Large Scale--
• Google uses Python in its web search systems, and hire the Python Programmer.

• The YouTube video sharing service is written in Python also.

• Google’s very popular App Engine, web development framework uses Python as a primary application development language.

• EVE Online, a Massively Multi-player Online Game makes extensive use of Python.

• The popular Bit Torrent peer-to-peer file sharing system is developed in Python also.

• Intel,  HP, Cisco, Qualcomm, Seagate, and IBM use Python for testing the Hardware.

• Maya, a powerful integrated 3D modeling and animation system, provides a Python scripting API for developing Games.

• JPMorgan Chase, Getco,  UBS,and Citadel apply Python for financial market forecasting.

• Industrial Light & Magic, Pixar, and others use Python for production of large animated movies.

• iRobot develop commercial robotic devices in Python also.

• ESRI uses Python as an end-user customization tool for its popular GIS mapping products.

• Los Alamos, NASA, JPL,  Fermilab, and others use Python for scientific programming tasks.

• The One Laptop Per Child project builds its user interface and activity model in Python.

• The IronPort email server product uses more than 1 million lines of Python code to do its job.

• The NSA uses Python for cryptography and intelligence analysis.

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